Veal stew

Serves 4:

750 g veal
1 Bunch of herbs and vegetables for soup-making 
1 onion
1 slice of lemon
1,5 l Water

Ingredients for the sauce:
30 g butter
40 g flour
0,5 l veal stock
some lemon juice          
0,25 l White wine
0,125 bis 0,25 l cream
1 Egg yolk

preparation: The diced veal is cooked in water with the 
bunch of herbes, salt, the chopped onion and the slice
of lemon until it is done. 
Sauce: Prepare a roux and fill up with veal stock. After 
bioling some time, add the rest of the ingredients to
the sauce. Now stir the egg yolk under the stew and serve
With this you can serve spaetzle (a kind of homemade
noodles) and salad.

recipe by Andreas Wöhr
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